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The Deep Elite is a brand ambassador program with a purpose. Not only are we personifying SCUBAPRO and bringing our highly revered brand to life through the amazing and authentic pioneers, explorers, ocean enthusiasts and conservationists who rely upon our gear, we aim contribute to the diving community. We are encouraging new and seasoned divers alike to safely dive in - and experience, discover and protect the oceans by sharing the stories, lifestyles and projects of our ambassadors - the faces of SCUBAPRO.

SCUBAPRO has a long legacy of working with the best and most iconic divers in the world - these individuals can choose any brand - but have an uncanny loyalty and commitment to the excellence and experiences our gear delivers. We've long collaborated together and empowered one another, and in doing so, have contributed significantly to the sport, inspiring generations of divers, adventurers and even activists.

We've built a team that best represents the same ethics and fundamentals we believe in - giving us all a larger voice and platform. To help everyone understand diving in general is an incredible sport, or in some cases, a profession. The more people in the water - safely in the best gear in the world, the better, for SCUBAPRO, the oceans and all the things the Deep Elite believe in.

None of our ambassadors are paid - they use our gear because they choose to - and love it. They do receive gear from us; but they also buy it. They do not have to use it exclusive - nor do they have to provide testimonials or reviews. Authenticity in this program is our foundation; our ambassadors are genuine in their adoration of our gear and of diving. We can't buy loyalty - we've earned it.

Who are our ambassadors?

Our ambassadors:

// Have deep expertise in the sport of diving.
// Are iconic individuals across segments - pleasure, tech, exploration, photography, science,
conservation, filming, etc.
// Love to talk - and are already talking diving and the oceans!
// Are thought leaders and influencers - for diving and the oceans.
// Represent our ethos and put a face to our brand and the sport.
// Are committed to the oceans and conservation - and innovating the sport.

Our ambassadors include:

//Dr. Sylvia Earle: Her Deepness, National Geographic Explorer in residence, oceanographer, conservationist, aquanaut and author, "Hero for the Planet"
//Stan Waterman: Long-time filmmaker, explorer, diving pioneer - 5 time Emmy award winner, poet, conservationist and author.
//Howard & Michele Hall: 7 time Emmy award winners, Imax filmmakers, iconic divers and story tellers. Conservationists.
//Dr. Michael Lang: Technical diving officer - Smithsonian, member of DAN board, widely acclaimed and honored technical diver, dive medicine, conservationist
//Peter Hughes: Diving entrepreneur & previous fleet owner, luxury operator, conservationist
//Wyland: Multi-faceted artist, scuba diver, educator, entrepreneur, conservationist and explorer
//Andy & Emma Casagrande: Emmy award winning camera team - Shark Week, National Geographic diving film team
//Julie Andersen: Ocean activist - founder, Shark Savers & Shark Angels, diving advocate, "Ocean Hero"


We are proud to introduce our loyal brand ambassadors. Each has a unique story to tell, but they are united in their passion for the oceans, diving and our gear.

The Deep Elite Team

Sylvia -Earle -Thumbnail The Casagrande's Wyland
Christina Zenato Peter Hughes Julie Andersen
The Hall's David Rhea Neil Andrea
Margo Peyton Paul Wildman Robert Quintana
Michael Lang Stan -Waterman -Thumbnail Stephanie Arne
Caine Delacy
Amber & Emily

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