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Any jacket lets you adjust buoyancy. Only SCUBAPRO BCs, packed with Human Factor Diving™ innovations and always in perfect harmony with your movements, put you in charge of the dive.


• A choice of back flotation, front adjustable or stabilizing BCs, as well as BCs designed specifically for female divers, let you pick the design that best suits your body shape, skill level and diving style.

• BCs are built with materials that offer maximum durability for years of active diving.

• Every valve, hose and D-ring is positioned right where you need it. No reaching. No groping. No wasted effort.

• Standard Balanced Power inflator and optional AIR2 inflator/reg are both designed with well-placed finger-friendly buttons for pinpoint buoyancy control.

• A well-engineered system of waist, shoulder and sternum adjustments enables each BC to fit like it was custom-made for your unique body shape, providing maximum comfort and excellent stability at depth.

• Ergonomic integrated weight systems let you comfortably carry ballast weight and ditch quickly and easily.

• Ultra-soft backpacks and strategically placed padding are perfectly positioned to cushion the load and provide comfort on extended dives.
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