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With SCUBAPRO dive computers, you don't just measure your biology, you use it. Only SCUBAPRO offers computers developed using Human Factor Diving™, enabling you to benefit from cutting-edge technology that lets you live your life in dive mode.


• Personalized dive profiles can be created using your own biometric measurements.

• Adaptive algorithm fine-tunes your decompression plan based on your workload as indicatedby your biometric feedback.

• Hear rate monitoring provides a more complete picture of your workload so you can respond promptly to heightened stress or over-exertion.

• Skin temperature monitoring, available when using the SCUBAPRO HRM belt, incorporates another critical biological factor into your adaptive algorithm.

• Microbubble settings enable the adaptive algorithm to adjust based on your experience level, age, and physical conditioning.

• Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops (PDIS) calculates an intermediate stop based on how much nitrogen your body has endured, taking into account your current dive, previous dives, and breathing mixes.

• Stroke counter records your distance-in the open water or the pool-to track progress of your fitness goals. Available in swim mode.

• A calorie tracker, another valuable health tracking technology, is available via LogTRAK software.

• Intuitive menus designed by dive and usability experts make it extremely easy to read and understand the detailed dive data.
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