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SCUBAPRO suits set the standard for comfort, style, and thermal protection. Unlike other manufacturers, SCUBAPRO engineers suits with the same attention to detail given to other technical gear, with a continued commitment to innovation using the Human Factor Diving™ approach to dive suit design.

Dive -Suits

• From drysuits to semi-drys to a wide range of wetsuits, there is a SCUBAPRO suit for every diver, every dive scenario, and every budget.

• Each feature on every SCUBAPRO suit is expertly designed and engineered to keep you protected throughout your entire dive, be it in warm equatorial currents or the frigid seas of the Arctic.

• Through an exclusive process called Body Mapping, SCUBAPRO designs a more complete suit around your needs. 

• Body Mapping also influences the overall location of panels, seams and zippers. The result is a suit with maximum stretch, better comfort and durability, and the best performance possible.

• Unique, thinner materials are engineered to perform better than traditional materials. This ensures a better fit, increased warmth and longer suit life.

• Layering options -- particularly with the new Pyroflex suit -- allow you to take a suit from tropical to colder conditions.

• Vast suit sizing across model lines accommodates a variety of different body types and shapes for both men and women.

• Thoughtful details such as iSafe to keep your computer in place, glove/hood retainers on suit legs, key pockets on suit calves and more, are all designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

SCUBAPRO leads in every category with gear that's intuitive, comfortable, and leaves you free to explore.Whatever the ocean environment demands, SCUBAPRO delivers.
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Dive Suits

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