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Divers who tend to get those claustrophobic feelings when wearing a mask are going to love this bright new offering.

The new SUB VU is a classically designed mask that features an ultra-clear single front lens and seamless side windows for a wide field of view.

The double-seal clear silicone skirt is comfortable, offers an excellent seal to keep water out, while at the same time letting a lot of light in to create a bright, airy feeling.

This mask is also available fitted with an efficient, easy-clearing purge valve.

Technical Information

  • Single front window and seamless side windows create an expansive view of the underwater world.
  • Ultra-clear silicone skirt is comfortable plus lets in a lot of light.
  • Easy-adjust buckles allow you to achieve an ideal fit for maximum comfort.
  • Model with purge valve makes quick work of any water that manages to seep inside.
  • Available in 4 colors for the standard model, and 3 colors for the purge model.

Colors: Lavender, Black, Blue, Yellow.  Purge - Black, Blue, Yellow.

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