Featuring a colorful upper barrel matched with a vibrant black corrugated hose, the VERVE is a real looker, plus it's a real worker when it comes time to do some surface swimming.

Made of the highest quality polyurethane and silicone compounds, the VERVE's elliptical upper barrel is ideally shaped to minimize drag when snorkeling. An efficient splashguard on the barrel top does a great job at keeping water out. What drips and drops that do find their way inside the barrel are quickly dispelled with the high-quality purge valve positioned below the rotating regulator-style mouthpiece.

The drop-away corrugated lower hose keeps the VERVE clear of your hoses when you're busy breathing off your regulator. A quick-connect clip makes it easy to attach or remove the VERVE from a mask strap before or after the dive or snorkel session.

Technical Information

  • Made of the highest quality polyurethane and silicone compounds to ensure reliability and long life.
  • Elliptical barrel creates less drag when moving through the water.
  • Proprietary splash protection limits water entry while surface swimming.
  • Rotating silicone mouthpiece makes it easy to find the right position for maximum comfort.
  • Drop-away corrugated hose features an efficient purge valve.
  • Quick-connect clip makes it easy to attach or remove snorkel from a mask strap.
  • Available in 5 vivid colors.

Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Pink.

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