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For detailed logbook storage and analysis after the dive, SmartTRAK can assist divers to store data that's limited only by the capacity of a PC's hard drive. With a sampling rate for SmartTRAK of 4 seconds, this program allows divers to analyse their dives with amazing detail.

SmartTRAK is an invaluable tool for divers to analyse their behavior and further improve their diving technique. The complete dive profile is displayed, as are any attention messages or alarms. The software indicates the level of nitrogen saturation of the 8 body tissues that Smart monitors. If microbubble formation is estimated to have occurred, SmartTRAK also displays this.

The actual screen data that's displayed during a dive is also displayed. For air integrated dive computers (Smart Com, Smart Z, Smart TEC and Galileo SOL) the air consumption screen is also displayed.

SmartTRAK is a powerful database that allows divers to store and retrieve other useful information such as details about the dive location, conditions, weather and buddy details. Digital photographs taken during the dive holiday can also be stored, sorted and retrieved.

Smart dive computers can communicate with a variety of PCs having either a standard or an IrDA compatible Infrared Device. For flawless operation we recommend our USB Infrared Adapter to be used with SmartTRAK.

Minimum requirements: PC with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7 or 8.

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