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SCUBAPRO's Deep Elite Ambassadors


Dr. Sylvia Earle

Affectionately called "Her Deepness," or "The Sturgeon General," Sylvia Earle is a true inspiration to us all. She is a tireless advocate for marine conservation and for fostering public awareness of the perils to ocean eco-systems caused by overfishing and pollution. Always motivated by an intense curiosity for the sea, she was named Time Magazine's first "Hero for the Planet." Read more


Howard & Michele Hall

If you've ever watched a documentary on the oceans, chances are good that it was filmed and produced by Howard and Michele Hall. Award-winning filmmakers and conservationists, they're one of the most powerful aquatic filmmaking couples in history. Their films have inspired generations of divers, marine biologists, conservationists and explorers, and footage has been used to write scientific papers and discover new species and new animal behaviors. Read more


Peter Hughes

A bonafide diving pioneer, when it comes to diving Peter Hughes has literally done it all. And as an avid conservationist, he has seen the deterioration of the reefs over the last forty-five years which motivates him to constantly be working on his own, through his businesses and as a member of the board of directors of REEF, to ensure that the world is protected for generations to come. Read more


Julie Andersen

Few people leave successful marketing careers to pursue a passion for the oceans, and in doing so take on one of the hardest PR jobs on the planet. A passionate environmentalist, avid diver and lover of the oceans, Julie evolved her special relationship with sharks to a new level after watching them disappear from her favorite dive spots. Now her business is saving them. Read more


Cristina Zenato

You've heard of tree-huggers. Cristina Zenato is a shark-hugger. She is world renowned for the special relationship she's been able to develop with wild Caribbean reef sharks, which she demonstrates by "cuddling" them. Actually, she's inducing tonic immobility in the sharks using a specialized technique that enables her to study the animals without stressing them out.  She's the first woman in the world able to do this. Read more


Paul Wildman

An award-winning cinematographer, Paul travels the world filming big animals both topside as well as under water, because in his view, the more witnesses we have to the damage being done to the environment, the better our chances of fixing it. Paul is heavily committed to the environment as an active supporter of protect-the-ocean organizations, and he currently sits on the board of advisors of Shark Angels. Read more


Neil Andrea

Neil Andrea's company, Neptunic Sharksuits, puts a major emphasis on the environment not just by using materials with a better eco-footprint. He also gives back monetarily through his partnership with One Percent for the Planet. This is an international organization of environmentally-aware businesses that have pledged to contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to causes that protect the environment, with the goal of creating a healthy planet. Read more


Margo Peyton

From almost the moment she drew her first breath Margo Peyton's life was intertwined with the ocean. She has create two of the most highly regarded programs in diving -- Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures, that have introduced thousands of children and their families to the beauty of the world's oceans, while instilling an appreciation and respect for Planet Earth that will last a lifetime. Read more


Stephanie Arne

For most of her adult life Stephanie has worked at leading zoos across the United States. During this time she also worked with conservation and education organizations in Australia, Borneo, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Today's she's the host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and is an avid public speaker on the topics of conservation and sustainability for a healthy planet. Read more




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