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Robert Quintana just may have the best job in the world. As a representative of SCUBAPRO's product line, he spends his days traveling the globe, talking about SCUBAPRO gear and, of course, diving it as he explores exotic dive sites most of us can only dream of.  With his years of experience selling dive gear, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone with a better eye for exactly what qualifies as the ultimate in dive gear, which is why Robert's brand of choice is SCUBAPRO.

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An Interview with Robert Quintana:

Tell us about yourself and your diving career.

"I'm the Latin America Sales Manager for SCUBAPRO. I have a degree in marketing and a background in accounting. I've owned stores, and I'm also a scuba instructor, although I'm not active anymore. Scuba diving is a passion of mine because I love the ocean, and I've been lucky to be able to integrate that with what I do professionally. The diving business has allowed me to visit different regions of the world and meet many of scuba diving's most prominent people, the real pioneers of diving who have had such an impact on the sport. I love scuba gear. I love learning about it, I love teaching people about it, I love marketing and selling it, and of course, I love using it. It's all been a lot of fun and a great learning experience."

What made you decide to take the giant stride into the oceans?

"I started diving back in the 1970s. I've always lived in South Florida, Miami, so as a kid I used to take lots of trips down to the Florida Keys to go snorkeling, free diving and spearfishing. My interest in the sport grew from there, evolving into a real passion. Diving gives me the opportunity to learn more about myself and the world. When I'm under water, I love the quiet, the interaction with different creatures, I love seeing all that nature has to offer, and I appreciate how pristine the oceans are and how important it is to preserve them."

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Why did you choose to represent SCUBAPRO?"

I have had the opportunity to work for other brands, and I feel that SCUBAPRO offers the best trademark recognition in the industry. We have a long history of innovation, we have the most talented engineering team, the best dealer network and, of course, the best products and outstanding customer support. It doesn't matter where I am in the world, the support I get from the Johnson Outdoor Group and SCUBAPRO customer service and all the people that work to support the brand is outstanding. I will never work for another company.  Currently I handle all the sales for SCUBAPRO Latin America covering seventeen different countries. It's a vast region with a diverse customer base and diverse diving opportunities, and I love it."

As a product person, tell us why you think SCUBAPRO regulators are so special.

"That's easy. SCUBAPRO is all about innovation. Our engineers are responsible for developing the very first piston regulator, the MK2, which has been the standard in the industry for over 50 years when it comes to a resort regulator. It's an entry-level price point product that offers outstanding performance and reliability. When you get to the higher performing regulators such as the A700, the S600, and the new 560 and 360 series, these regulators enjoy a long and rich history of product innovation. The A700 is my favorite reg because it has all of SCUBAPRO's engineering history built into it, with its brass housing, adjustable balance, inhalation effort mechanism, integrated VIVA for optimum breathing performance, and excellent cold water rating. When you combine it with a MK17 sealed diaphragm first stage, you create an outstanding regulator system that offers exceptional characteristics as far as performance, air delivery, and specific features such as four low pressure ports, with two of them high flow. Like we say, 'deep down you want the best' and for me that is the SCUBAPRO A700 with a MK17. I love that regulator."

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What is your view on SCUBAPRO computers?

"Our computers also benefit from SCUBAPRO's long history of quality and craftsmanship. They give you all the information you need at the time you need it. Our Galileo computers, the Sol and the Luna, are the only computers in the market place that offer heart rate monitoring. They also offer PDIS, which is a way of adding safety futures to the diver as they ascend from deeper dives. We were the first in the industry to introduce a digital compass in a dive computer that allowed the diver to monitor all information without having to change screens, so you could actually watch your depth, bottom time, tank pressure and RBT while in compass mode. Our computers offer user-friendly buttons for managing menus, displays are easy to read and you can program different screen configurations to get the most out of the data display. The best in technology, reliability and craftsmanship, that's what you get with SCUBAPRO computers."

Talk to us a little bit about SCUBAPRO suits.

"SCUBAPRO suits offer fit, function, comfort and warmth, which is what the user wants. We have different models, from a tough simple point five millimeter steamer all the way up to a full drysuit. When it comes to wetsuits, our Everflex line, which is available in three/two, five/four and seven/five millimeter thicknesses, offer extremely stretchable materials multi panels that conform to your body contour fit. These suits feature exclusive SCUBAPRO new technology that has less compression over time, so you can dive them over and over. The stitching is reinforced, and the angled zippers are comfortable and make it easier to get in and out of the suits. Padded areas are provided for the shoulders, the back, and the knees. Our wetsuits are simply the best. So are our drysuits if you like to dive areas where the water is cooler. SCUBAPRO offers a broad selection of suits to outfit any diver's needs at any given time, and any given destination."

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Talk a little bit more about your diving experiences.

"Being a SCUBAPRO Regional Sales Manager allows me to visit world lots of renowned dive destinations. I regularly go to the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I go to the Columbian islands, San Andreas, Cartagena, Malpelos.  Costa Rica, offers Cocos Island, Mexico Cozumel, the Rivera Maya Cenotes and the Galapagos, which is my favorite. We do a SCUBAPRO demo week there once a year on The Galapagos Sky live-aboard. We swim with whale sharks and see countless hammerhead sharks and marine life found nowhere else.
I really enjoy bringing SCUBAPRO to these destinations, introducing distributors and divers to all of our outstanding products. That's what I love about diving, and about this job." Deep Down you want the Best…SCUBAPRO.



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